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While currently sitting in one of the final lectures of the semester, and thinking about how the next year of how my life will go, I can't help but feel grateful...and extremely overwhelmed.

Final research papers has me imagining what I'll do all my work on in grad school. Packing up my things to move into my apartment for the first summer here has me daydreaming about every peak I'll hike with my time away from campus. I've been finishing up my internship at my art museum and thinking about how much I love putting on latex gloves and moving a painting. Or how much I truly loved spending hours on a pottery wheel, blasting music, and hating every piece I made. Or how much I detested my Spanish class yet the language seems to interrupt my every thought and prayer. Everything about this past school year has been difficult, but it has also been the most rewarding year of my life. 

I feel welcomed into the next school year-my senior year. I've found a subject that I love. I've gained experience I had previously taken for granted. I feel loved in a way that I didn't think existed and I'm ready for more. 

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