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A few months ago there was a summer night with pouring rain. Like a typical Southern storm, your wipers aren't fast enough, thunder shakes the house, flash flood warnings are issued and every parent is watching the news deciding when to run for the tornado shelter. Me on the other hand? I was running to my car to drive home which is totally safe, right? Upon reaching my car, it occurred to me that I had left my windows down. Everything was soaked inside with puddles in the bottom. I couldn't see through any window.

Thunderstorms like that are few and far between in Utah. I missed them. 

A few nights ago I was running out to my car in the back parking lot behind my house. There was snow everywhere and icicles hanging from every corner of the town. My boots were 7 inches deep in the white fluff while running late to some tedious responsibility. There were frozen puddles all over the bottom of my car. From melted snow, from spilled water bottles, from a few tears that never evaporated.

Snowstorms and hectic days like that are few and far between in Arkansas. I missed them. 

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