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1. St. Augustine grass 2. The cracking of my brother's drum sticks 3. Bluebonnets 4. Yellow sit-on kayaks 5. The stamp aisle at Michael's 6. The flicker of Mom's eyes driving past corn fields 7. The tram over the pines to the top of Mt. Baldy 8. The familiar clicking of a seat belt on a Southwest flight 9. The smell of popcorn, mickey bars, and turkey legs at Disney World ​10. Oak trees in the wind with caterpillar hives and moss

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1. Robert Frank 2. Carrie Mae Weems 3. Robert Capa 4. Renee Cox 5. Steve McCurry 6. James Nachtwey 7. Richard Ross 8. Cindy Sherman 9. Richard Avedon 10. Alfred Stieglitz


1. one destination 2. two nights 3. three people 4. four sleeping bags 5. five times I missed your call 6. six tanks of gas 7. seven wasted bags of tea 8. eight days ago  9. nine lives ​10. ten thousa


Here's a list of all the people I want to be. 1. Artist 2. Park Ranger 3. Museum Curator 4. Chef/Restaurant Owner 5. Politician  6. Gallerist 7. Interior Designer 8. Social Worker 9. One of those craz


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