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I spent New Year's Eve alone, In my big empty house. Alone. I watched a few movies, painted a few canvases and drank a bottle of sparkling cider with a Hawaiian pizza. I wrote some resolutions but threw them all away because if I'm going to change I'm not tying it down to a date or a movement. My betterment is tied to myself, and that meant that this next semester would see a lot of change.

​I love the fake ambition that a new semester brings. Everyone is so determined that this will be the semester they get their GPA up, or the semester they wake up on time, or the semester they get to the gym more often. Those are all realistic goals, and they'll make you happy, but I'm shooting for BIG happiness this semester.

I'm over the drama and the heart break that the same boys give.  I'm over the constant feeling that I can't really become this ambitious scholar full of pointless facts, presentations, and persistence.  I'm over thinking that someone will give me a weird look for the clothes that I wear, or the way I rap along to the tunes in my headphones. I'm over having yesterday interfere with tomorrow.

I have big ambitions and even bigger goals. And they will all come true. Maybe not this semester, but why not start now to ensure everything that's to come? 

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