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I seem to be stuck in the wrong time. I seem to be stuck outside of this crowd.

I'm not a Millenial who wants to rule the business world. I'm not a girl desperate for attention or a pat on the back.

I want to chop my hair and scream "VOTES FOR WOMEN". I want to be Hannah Wilke and Yoko Ono giving shocks and changing stigmas.

I need the times when the world was changing in un precedented ways. When the Dada days when Cubism ran rampant through the streets of NYC slapping the world with confusing colors and monochrome moments of awe. When the Armory show was the biggest thing to happen and when World Wars could be solved with a treaty. When technology was as simple as a rotary phone and a night out to the movies required a little extra class. When Coney Island was the most exciting place and when discussing literature didn't mean you were the 'academic type', it meant you were cultured.  When history was being made and adorned all at the same time without such hypocrisy. I need the past of this world to blend with all the beauty of now.

I want to scream for changes but the silence in my throat horrifies me. I want to be this person that is deep inside of me but how do I throw it out onto a campaign poster?

But I'm a hypocrite for not seeing the flaws nor loving my own time. I'm indifferent to my sphere of influence.

I seem to be missing out on the history that's happening right in front of me. I seem to be stuck in the wrong version of me.

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