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I sat down on a cold toilet seat while it was 20 degrees outside and the strange slush/snow/rain mixtture burst down through the clouds onto every car, building and person in its way. The sea foam green walls around me showed weathering effects of mildew and stains of old age. The lock on the stall door was broken so I kept it shut with my feet. Cobwebs and dirt crowded every corner of the little washroom. The intersection of the toilet and the tacky tile was rusted and worn. My phone dropped out of my pocket as I reached for the toilet paper and landed with a cheesy saying from a fortune cookie facing up towards me from the back of my phone's case. "Your independence shall lead you to bold adventures." As I sat there thinking about all the "adventures" I had been on and the one I was currently on, I realized that sometimes that is all life is: trudging through the nasty places waiting for the picture worthy moments to appear. 

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