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I've been thinking a lot lately about family and how miraculous that entire identity is. What a wonderful thing that I just "happened" to be put into a family in this world who knew exactly how to raise me and give me what I needed to be successful and happy. It blows my mind how my sister had just the right timing to get the perfect little souls that belonged to her, or that my brother went through the struggles he did to have the timing align for the love of his life to pop up. Or for my eldest brother to go through his self-indentification process of searching for hopes and dreams when he came across a girl who was in the same situation as him, and yet they've changed so drastically together to become one of the happiest couples I  know. 

I'm not a person who believes in coincidences. I suppose to means that all the "mistakes" in my life have led me right here: into this family, friend group, and this university. Maybe I'm not doing anything to help along the people beside me so here's to trying to help more and find my place a bit more. 

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