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Loads of people say that social media these days has led my generation, the Millennials, into a new wave of one-upping each other and making every moment of their lives look splendid and happy and adventurous. We all know that's one big fat lie, but there's some moments that are so perfect they don't need to be captured. Or rather they shouldn't. They should just be enjoyed and life should just be lived. That's why I don't carry my camera with me every second of every day, even though I would love to.

This moment right now, is perfect for me. Post-Spanish class sitting in my favorite cafe on campus. An apple, a hot cocoa, and a warm croissant filled with melty cheese and honey baked ham. Sitting at the railing looking out at the bitter cold of 1 degree weather and doing one of my favorite things-writing. To anyone else, I look like another hipster student rigorously studying for an upcoming exam, but for me this is alone time perfection.

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