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I knew this summer would be an interesting one full of some serious life decisions. Here we are, not even halfway done with July and that has already come true. 

I woke up a week ago in a panic after this horrible nightmare of what my life would become if I stayed on the path I was on with the decisions and people I was with all the time. I hated every second of it. What happened to the hopes I had at 17? What happened to my motivation and determination to become a driving force for positive change in the world? What happened to my passion for art and my love for music? It had all become overshadowed in the exhaustion of summer jobs and the emotional turmoil of young adulthood.

I woke up that day from a bad dream and from the version of me that I was giving myself permission to be. I want more. I want to go grad school. I want to have my dream career. I want to be seen as a person who gets out and takes what they want and paves the way for other people. I'm not sure how to impact and help all the lives that I can, but I know that I have a God-given fervor for life. 

It's amazing how little you can think of yourself without a single good reason. I know every young college-aged kid plans on changing the world, achievieing fame and fortune, or saving the planet. But how many of us really have the will power to follow through with it? I intend to be one. I have for as long as I can remember.

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