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Tonight I had some old friends over. The night ended with us standing on the driveway pretending like we still had time to spare even though everyone knew how badly they should start the drive back home. After reminiscing on old times and thinking of how much everything changes after graduating from high school , there was a long pause. I began to think of all the times I've loved those boys like my brothers and all the moments they supported me without realizing it. As I looked around at each of them, I could see it in their eyes too. That sort of sad but happy but wishing that nothing had changed yet wishing everything was different in some other kind of way.  And in that solemn silence one said, "There's a lot of dead moths on your driveway." 

Maybe we're becoming dead moths. Flying towards light. Trying to find a way back home. Feeling alone, yet ultimately together with so many others all trying to go after the same thing- the light. 

These friendships with those boys are really my favorite ones. They're full of awkward silences, otter pops, iconic memories, and farts but I know that those things will never change. Some friends will always be those friends. Time will always pass. And I'll always be grateful for the nights we've spent on my driveway thinking about how much platonic love we have while talking about dead moths. 

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