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Angel's Landing is one of the most sought out hikes in the world. That was pretty clear just from the business of the parking lot. However, this strenuous hike was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. Yes the view was impeccable, the chains kept me from dying, and I'll for sure be going back, but that wasn't the best part of it.

At one switchback, my asthma started acting up and I heard a ukulele coming up behind me. A barefoot boy in Aviators strumming a ukulele and humming right along just walked past me with the most steady pace and the surest of confidences. I decided right then and there that I loved him. 

When we got to the top of the hike I overheard him talking about how he's talking time away from a furthered education to see the world and some of his buddies he's picked up along the way were right there with him.

These are my kinds of people. The ones who understand that life is more than a paycheck, a degree, and a nice car. Life is meant to be lived and not by anyone else's rules than your own. 

I'm not dropping out of college or anything crazy like that, but maybe I do need a bit more craziness, a bit more freedom, and a bit less care of what I aspire to be viewed as.

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