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Yesterday I was working in the office alone all day and realized I was being an absolute fool about life lately. I was caring too much about toxic things and letting that toxicity spill out of me onto paper, onto walls, and onto my camera. I was turning into this crazy person who was obsessing over all the wrong things and all the wrong people. I cut some ties and rushed home after clocking out to be productive and happy.

So I drove through the canyon and smiled at the leaves (even though smiling still hurts from surgery). I talked to my favorite people on the planet and ran out all the emotions I had been hiding inside. I planned some things for graduation and finished all my homework. It's funny how little things make a big difference when your attitude consistently drags you down.

But after all the other productivity, I drove back into the canyon. It had been cloudy and raining all day and the misty air with the yellow aspens and sagebrush overwhelmed me. I'm a religious person and I love my temples more than anything else, but there's some majestic power in the rock cathedrals of mountains that you really can't find anywhere else. I adore it. Even now, sitting on campus after class, I'm staring out the third story windows looking at those mountains and craving the freedom and the crisp autumn air they exude. But for now, back to the joyful productivity that I'm living for.

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