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All of my roommates left for the weekend. I took some time to really embrace the solitude and listen to the silence to see what it would tell me. It's funny how much you seem to learn when you already think you know everything. I was reminded of how small I am in such a large, vast world. My problems are so very insignificant and I wish that I was able to understand all of the things around me. I hiked through the woods on the top of a mountain looking down to a lake and a canyon. As I was wistfully thinking the words popped into my head "what are men compared to rocks and mountains?". Ironic enough, it seems that I push away my love life almost as gradually as trees seem to loose their leaves - everything has suddenly vanished onto the ground and blown away with the wind. Thankfully, I'm alright with that. When you're a young adult in college people pressure you to "find yourself". It's funny how hard looking for yourself can actually become. My soul is the autumn leaves. Lost and blown away to a thousand different places. 

Yet I am still overjoyed to know that by throwing letters, thoughts, and emotions together on a screen will allow me the freedom to truly be me.

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